5 amazing talent show auditions – Britian’s got talent, X factor, Swedish Idol


1. 9-year old Malakai Paul sings Beyonce’s Listen with incredible feeling


2. 17-year old Willie Jones surprises the audience with an unexpected song selection – and with his amazing deep voice


3. 16-year old Moa Lignell performs one of her own songs on the Swedish Idol audition

For those who doesn’t understand Swedish: She totally sweeps the jury off their feet, and they all agree she has written a hit!


4. 14-year old Jai Waetford performing Jes Hudak’s “Different Worlds” and one of his own songs “Don’t Let Me Go” 


5. 11- year old Arisxandra Libantino has an amazing voice and it is hard to believe this is a voice of a young child