Panda triplet family reunion after 134 days

The 29th of July 2014, the world’s only surviving panda triplets were born. For the first 134 days of life, the baby pandas were partly raised by keepers, since the mother could only care for one of the babies at a time. For two weeks, the mother started handling two of the babies simultaneously, and in the beginning of December all three triplets and the mother was finally reunited. Watch the mother hugging two of her cute babies, and letting the third one continue to sleep a little longer:-).

5 amazing talent show auditions – Britian’s got talent, X factor, Swedish Idol


1. 9-year old Malakai Paul sings Beyonce’s Listen with incredible feeling


2. 17-year old Willie Jones surprises the audience with an unexpected song selection – and with his amazing deep voice


3. 16-year old Moa Lignell performs one of her own songs on the Swedish Idol audition

For those who doesn’t understand Swedish: She totally sweeps the jury off their feet, and they all agree she has written a hit!


4. 14-year old Jai Waetford performing Jes Hudak’s “Different Worlds” and one of his own songs “Don’t Let Me Go” 


5. 11- year old Arisxandra Libantino has an amazing voice and it is hard to believe this is a voice of a young child