DJUR PÅ DJUR – picopanda’s best of

Animals on top of other animals – that’s what ‘Djur på djur’ means in Swedish – and this refers to a brilliant Swedish website with a huge collection of such cute, cool, beautiful, funny pictures. New animal piles were added for about three years, until January this year. The creator of the site can still be followed at a facebook fan page. Picopanda has of course browsed through the whole photo collection and has picked out 15 favourites. The first one out is a whole pile of cuteness!


three puppies                                           aww_2puppies



aww3_tinyrabbit                  aww_rabbit_kapybara





surfing                               omg_tinyturtle





beautiful                        cute


earings                          gladcroc



l-Baby-elephants                                   haha_hundar








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