Four cute helpers and panda triplets

After a long silence – mostly doing science and trying to properly relax when not working – picopanda is back, a lot thanks to four cute cuteness helpers. So, thank you to Jim, Pelle, Randy and Paola!

One of my favourite baby goat videos right now is one of little Buttermilk jumping around among her more relaxed friends. Make sure to watch the whole video, not to miss when she’s using one of the other goats as a springboard :-):


Another video which has been widely shared the last couple of days is one of a dog seemingly trying to save some fish by splashing them with water using his nose! It is really heart-warming to see and I wonder if he’s not hurting his nose…At the same time there has been many people commenting this video, saying that the dog is not at all trying to save the fish, but instead he wants to “bury” them in water to save the food for later…To me, it even looks like he’s checking if the water he splashes helps the fish, but I am not so familiar with dog rituals. What do others say about this??


Going from dogs back to baby pandas, the 29th of July was a big panda day – panda triplets were born at a Chinese zoo! They weighed only between 83 and 124 grams at birth.

In a guardian article an official at the Sichuan Wolong national nature reserve, considered the foremost authority on pandas, said that the trio were too young to be officially recognised as surviving, but that they were the only known panda triplets alive. It is stated that they can only be considered surviving once they reach six months. Let’s really hope that they will make it! 




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