Panda triplet family reunion after 134 days

The 29th of July 2014, the world’s only surviving panda triplets were born. For the first 134 days of life, the baby pandas were partly raised by keepers, since the mother could only care for one of the babies at a time. For two weeks, the mother started handling two of the babies simultaneously, and in the beginning of December all three triplets and the mother was finally reunited. Watch the mother hugging two of her cute babies, and letting the third one continue to sleep a little longer:-).

5 amazing talent show auditions – Britian’s got talent, X factor, Swedish Idol


1. 9-year old Malakai Paul sings Beyonce’s Listen with incredible feeling


2. 17-year old Willie Jones surprises the audience with an unexpected song selection – and with his amazing deep voice


3. 16-year old Moa Lignell performs one of her own songs on the Swedish Idol audition

For those who doesn’t understand Swedish: She totally sweeps the jury off their feet, and they all agree she has written a hit!


4. 14-year old Jai Waetford performing Jes Hudak’s “Different Worlds” and one of his own songs “Don’t Let Me Go” 


5. 11- year old Arisxandra Libantino has an amazing voice and it is hard to believe this is a voice of a young child


Cozy Friday and iFetch

Relaxin’ and snacksin’ in front of the telly – thank god it’s Friday!


The best invention in years when it comes to dog toys – must be this one. Here’s some dog happiness!


And looking into the huge youtube panda goodie bag, this is a picopanda favourite – THE PANDA SLIDE



Panda faked pregnancy to get more buns and bamboo?


photo by Chen Wu, Creative Commons

Giant pandas seem to be slightly sneakier than I thought. According to Xinhua, the panda Ai Hin, 6, was supposed to be the star in the first ever live broadcast of a panda birth. However, it has now been discovered that she has potentially faked her pregnancy. Apparently, phantom pregnancies are common among giant pandas, because hormonal changes can lead to prenatal behaviors. And sometimes when pandas notice the difference in treatment after showing initial signs of pregnancy, they may carry on with the pregnant behavior.

“After showing prenatal signs, the ‘mothers-to-be’ are moved into single rooms with air conditioning and around-the-clock care,” Wu Kongju, an expert at the Chengdu base, is quoted as saying. 

“They also receive more buns, fruits and bamboo, so some clever pandas have used this to their advantage to improve their quality of life”.

Ai Hin showed signs of pregnancy in July, which included being less mobile, reduced appetite and an increase in progestational hormone, but after a two-month observation she started acting normal again, according to Xinhua.

So, bad news for the world that the pregnancy was fake, but well played by Ai Hin who has been living the good life this summer.

DJUR PÅ DJUR – picopanda’s best of

Animals on top of other animals – that’s what ‘Djur på djur’ means in Swedish – and this refers to a brilliant Swedish website with a huge collection of such cute, cool, beautiful, funny pictures. New animal piles were added for about three years, until January this year. The creator of the site can still be followed at a facebook fan page. Picopanda has of course browsed through the whole photo collection and has picked out 15 favourites. The first one out is a whole pile of cuteness!


three puppies                                           aww_2puppies



aww3_tinyrabbit                  aww_rabbit_kapybara





surfing                               omg_tinyturtle





beautiful                        cute


earings                          gladcroc



l-Baby-elephants                                   haha_hundar








Mouth-to-mouth rescues Koala

A Koala in Melbourne has been saved by a wildlife rescuer and fire fighters by getting heart massage and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (the guardian). After being hit by a car the koala had climbed up a tree and passed out. The rescuers threw him down from the tall tree into a blanket, and immediatly started the CPR.

Apparently koalas often flee up in trees when they are hit by cars or bitten by dogs, and unfortunately the rescuers get many calls about koalas. This little guy has been named Sean and is now resting at a wildlife shelter.


relaxing sean, picture from

To help koalas yourself you can adopt one here, maybe a little joey? – what I learned today is what baby koalas are called 🙂




Yesterday’s Reddit harvest

It is not always the best thing to have your smartphone in the bedroom. I check my email a lot and too often fall into reading work emails right before going to sleep. A better thing to do though is checking out the aww section at! These are my top 3 from yesterday evening’s scrolling around:


From, by, by


From, by, by


From, by, by

Newborn goat-sheep baby Butterfly

A few weeks ago geep Butterfly was born – a very rare baby with a sheep as a mother and a pygmy goat as a father. Apparently, the parents kept their relationship a secret, and the little geep was born very unexpectedly. Usually geeps are stillborn (sheep have 54 chromosomes while goats have 60), but this little Butterfly is doing very well! She was born at a petting zoo in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is getting a lot of attention, of course!

Facebook: MyPettingZooLLC

Facebook: MyPettingZooLLC


Butterfly with her mother  Facebook: MyPettingZooLLC

Butterfly with her mother
Facebook: MyPettingZooLLC


Facebook: MyPettingZooLLC

Facebook: MyPettingZooLLC


Butterfly's father Facebook: MyPettingZooLLC

Butterfly’s father
Facebook: MyPettingZooLLC


Facebook: MyPettingZooLLC

Facebook: MyPettingZooLLC